Calendars - the Silent Salesman

Calendars are your silent salesman on the wall. Their benefits are unique:

calendar• Broadcasting your name 365 days a year
• Public Relations - A PR exercise for existing customers
• Endorsement - Existing customers displaying your calendar is an endorsement of your company and services.
• Face-to-Face - A perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face and ask questions
• Low Cost - For simply pennies per day, less than the cost of a daily newspaper
• Highly Visible - Not buried under paper or hidden in desks or pockets
• Silent Salesman - On the wall or desk, whispering your products
• Targetting - Giving a calendar to the company you want to do business with
• Tax Efficient - Directly attributable to advertising costs
• Business Gift - A very practical business gift
• Versatile - Any business or industry can send out calendars
• Market Share - Every company, large or small, needs to retain and grow market share.

“To reduce costs by cutting advertising is the same as trying to save time by stopping the hands of a clock”

“Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Turn it on yourself!”

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